Individual Training and Certification (IT&C)

Wave Cyber Academy is not a Cyber Bootcamp. We are a community of security and education professionals dedicated to changing the face of Cyber education. We believe that at the end of a training program you should be ready to enter the workforce. This is what we have based our model on. Mapping all courses directly to the CISA NICE framework work roles, our Cyber Defense Analyst course will give you the knowledge and experience that will prepare you for entry into the Cyber workforce.

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Cyber Defense Analyst

This course will introduce you to the concepts, principles, and regulations that guide cybersecurity and compliance activities. You will learn the basics of networking and network security, systems and application security, cloud security and practice them in our cyber range. Each scenario is modeled after real-world attacks that have been experienced by large enterprise organizations. Learn to prevent, detect, respond to, and mitigate cyber threats.

Security Architect

Our security Architect training course is currently in production. It will be available 4th Qtr 2022. For more information or to pre-register click the link below.