Here at Wave Cyber Academy, we believe that continual education will aid more in preventing attacks and breaches than adding more systems that introduce new and unknown vulnerabilities. That is why we are dedicated to delivering high quality focused training and education for individuals and the workforce.

Individual Training and Education

Current models are expensive, over crowded, and lack providing the one thing employers are looking for. Experience. Our program provides focused training and experience through our immersive online educational and environment as well as many individual lab assignments that can be accomplished from your own PC when you have time. Our Academy is built to follow through your entire career providing the education needed each step of the way. From entry level through senior management, we will prepare you to meet the need.

Corporate Partnerships

We believe that a partnership is the best way to serve our customer base. From customized Awareness training that not only meets compliance requirements to tailored IT and Security Training focused on improving Mean Time to Detect, Respond, and Mitigate Cyber threats while decreasing overall risk.

Educational Partnerships

Educating the current and next generation of our workforce is imperative. We must strive to provide security focused education regardless of degree path or focus. Understanding the risks each business unit faces is critical in defeating cyber threats of today and tomorrow.